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Bathroom 7 Ways To Keep It Fresh


Bathroom 7 ways to keep it fresh. It’s a constant battle against dirt and grime.

But are there any extra tips that will help you to keep things feeling fresh in-between those regular cleaning sessions?

Of course, and in today’s post you’ll find out the top seven…

Throw out the curtains

Shower curtains are constantly subjected to a lot of moisture and are rarely dried properly. They’re a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

So it’s much better to swap them for a simple, modern shower screen (such as those here) which can be wiped clean after every use.

Get yourself a window cleaners squidgy too to prevent limescale building up on the screen.  You won’t have to keep replacing them and the large glass panes will make the room seem bigger.

Window curtains in shower rooms can also wind up mouldy, so swapping these for easy-to-clean blinds will keep the room feeling fresher.

Stick to white where possible

Whether you opt for new tiles or simply re-paint your walls.

Using white and other pale tones instantly makes a space look clean and fresh when you walk in. Plus, it will never date.

And you can simply change the theme by swapping the accessories and colour highlights as your taste changes.

Plenty of plants

There are tonnes of benefits to using plants in your bathroom. Many varieties thrive in moist environments, and they give off more oxygen whilst removing toxins from the air. Freshly cut flowers also give off a wonderful fresh scent to impress visitors.

Re-think the soap

Not only can hard soap leave a gunky mess that dries to the countertop, but soap dishes can also harbour bacteria. Opt for a sweet-smelling liquid soap instead which has anti-bacterial properties, and they’ll be no more mess every time you wash your hands. Attach a wall mounted soap dispenser and your cleaning job will be greatly simplified.

Have ample storage in your bathroom

The better the storage solutions you have and the more you try to keep order, the less spillages you’ll have. Plus, if you have dozens of products out, it can make those crowded areas more difficult to clean and you can get dust build-ups fast.

Use tiered storage to make the most of vertical space and reduce the amount of clutter. Have a good clear out too. Why are you holding onto those old fashioned talcs, creams and hair products that no one has and ever will use? Get rid of them and just keep the products you use regularly.

If you don’t use a pot, tube or gel every day tidy it away into a drawer or cupboard. Store similar products together in a container so it is easy to find and access what you need. Even if you don’t have the storage to put them out of site, putting htem in a container will amke your bathroom appear tidier adn make it easier for you to move things when you clean.

bathroom fresh
Store Similar Products in Containers

In the Bathroom Ventilation is vital

Showers and baths produce a lot of steam, which often settles on the walls to form condensation, which in turn can lead to a mould problem. Proper ventilation can prevent this, so if you have a bathroom window, always open it after the use of cleaning products, chemicals or the shower.

If you don’t have a window, remember to install an extractor fan and regularly clean it. Although this may seem like a big job it is essential. A damp bathroom will always be unpleasant, dirty and unhygienic.

Do away with bathroom air fresheners

If you think that by spritzing an air freshener that you’re cleaning an area, you’d be wrong – that smell quickly sinks to the floor and is gone within minutes. Instead, buy essential oils and reed diffusers, which will emit a fresh scent constantly throughout the day.



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